Wyld Technologies Case Study

Founded by Gene Myers, Wyld Technologies has developed a proven mesh networking software platform. The product, Wyld Mesh, provides continuous, sustainable connectivity.

A mobile device software-defined network, Wyld Mesh is a solution for the new high-mobility generation and connects people, places and things.



What is Mobile Mesh?

Mobile mesh networks can be thought of as a collection of nodes where each node is directly connected to other nearby nodes. These nodes, such as mobile phones and devices, not only send and receive data, but also relay data on behalf of the network, extending the reach of the network beyond the directly connected devices. A failure of one device does not cause a break in the network or transmission of data. Adding additional devices does not disrupt data transmission between other devices and it can handle high amounts of traffic, because multiple devices can transmit data simultaneously. Mesh networks also operate in environments where traditional wireless (WIFI) networks are not viable.

What is Wyld Mesh?

Wyld Mesh is a heterogeneous real-time data network, where we combine all available connectivity and transport protocols. Using RESTful Web Services, a Streaming Data Websocket service, Push Notifications, and our patent-pending Smart Device Mesh solution, Wyld Mesh forms a resilient and efficient network. 

Why do we need a Smart Device Mesh?

Smart Device Mesh networking is the ultimate emergency solution, as there is no single point of failure and it's impervious to power failures.

Smart Device Mesh networking provides connectivity where there is none, and it also creates value through increased density of interactions between business, people and things. As an organisation increases the density of its connections, it increases the potential value it can realise from those connections.

Gene Myers, Chief Technical Officer, Wyld Technologies

“Although a very recent investment for Tern, the Tern team has quickly helped us to refine our proposition, identify our addressable market, whilst providing the strategic sales management expertise to support our current bid activity.”




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