Wyld Networks Q3 2022 Results

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Tern Plc (AIM:TERN), the company focused on value creation from Internet of Things ("IoT") technology businesses, is pleased to note that Wyld Networks AB ("Wyld Networks" or "Wyld") has today announced its interim results for the three months ended 30 September 2022 ("Q3 2022") ahead of the planned launch of their satellite IoT network service on 8 December 2022 (the "Wyld Q3 2022 Announcement").  Tern's holds 46.5% of Wyld Networks' equity.



Extracted from the Wyld Q3 2022 Announcement

 Financial Summary, Q3 2022


  • Total income, SEK k - Q3: 933 (726)
  • Total EBIT, SEK k - Q3: -8,933 (-7,552)
  • Earnings per share, SEK - Q3: -0.87 (-0.93)


Significant events during Q3 2022

 Wyld Networks has signed five additional partnerships with: ATSS (Saudi Arabia), Khomp (Brazil), IoTMaxi (Brazil), British American Tobacco (Brazil), Miromico (Switzerland)

Wyld Networks has successfully designed, manufactured and deployed (in various locations) the beehive contact sensors integrated with Wyld Connect. This initiative, together with Bayer Crop Sciences entomology team will deliver hive interaction data to the global apiculture sector

·Wyld Networks breakthrough partnership with Miromico, a Swiss IoT company, to resell Wyld Connect and focus on integrated circuits, electronic systems and software products to meet the growing demand for connectivity for the IoT

Wyld receives further purchase orders of Wyld Connect of SEK 1.07 million from C.Towers in Brazil and a Nordic IoT company in the utilities sector


Significant events after Q3 2022

 Wyld Networks announced a partnership with Lacuna Space to increase global satellite coverage for its satellite service to be launched in December 2022

Wyld signs a partnership with Spider Digital, a security and intelligence technology company located in the UAE, UK, North America and Bangladesh

C.Towers orders data for SEK 830,000 as a follow-up to a Wyld Connect hardware order earlier this year for SEK 300,000. This applies to the recurring data charges for the IoT data service via satellite

IMAE orders data for SEK 820,000 as a follow-up to a Wyld Connect hardware order earlier this year for SEK 300,000

Wyld Networks AB has carried out a directed issue of new shares of approximately SEK 7.3 million

Wyld announces the launch of satellite IoT network service starting 8 December 2022


The full Wyld Networks Q3 2022 Announcement may be accessed at:




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