InVMA Case Study

Founded in 2010 InVMA combines world-class management consulting expertise with objective technology advisory and implementation services to deliver innovative IoT solutions based on ThingWorx technologies.

As a new breed of IoT systems integrator and a ThingWorx gold partner, InVMA works with clients to address and leverage the disruption IoT creates for businesses. The company designs, develops and deploys applications and hardware that improve or transform the way organisations do business, creating new revenue streams, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing operational efficiency. InVMA does this by combining world-class management consulting expertise with hardware, software, IT and OT technical capabilities.

The first European ThingWorx partner, InVMA is the only company in the UK and Ireland that brings together:

  • Flexible enterprise IoT integration capabilities.
  • Decades of experience with industrial controls and protocols, embedded systems, and intelligent data management at the edge and in the cloud
  • Proven software and hardware commissioning methods developed over 15 years.
  • Experienced hardware engineers, software developers and management consultants.
  • Practical continuous improvement and lean change management methods
  • The industry leading scalable IoT platform, PTC ThingWorxTM. The platform’s capabilities make it possible for users to correlate data, deriving powerful insights that can be incorporated into applications or displayed to the end user.
  • Repeatable proven solutions including predictive maintenance blueprint, AssetMinder.
  • Partnerships with legacy and new hardware vendors providing comprehensive edge connectivity
  • Managed service, support and update capability.


InVMA’s turnkey asset performance management solution, AssetMinder delivers a preemptive maintenance strategy for assets and removes latent integration issues across multi-vendor asset portfolios

AssetMinder, powered by PTC’s ThingWorx platform, is a complete solution that allows customers to monitor their multi-age, multi-vendor and multi-category asset estate. Organisations can now securely connect to all their mobile and fixed assets regardless of their type. Customers across any industry can now monitor and manage data from all types of assets and retrofitted sensors for properties such as location, level, temperature, vibration, moisture, humidity or flow and be alerted when pre-determined thresholds or rules have been met.

Pat Nash, MD, InVMA

“The completion of this investment round, along with the ancillary support of the Tern board, is a real game changer for InVMA. An investor to us, isn’t just about injecting capital into the business, but ensuring the company is optimised for growth. The Tern board is hands on, which means we benefit from the experience of a number of industry-leading veterans.

“Our partnership with Tern, a leading investor in high-growth IoT companies, will provide us with the financial agility to expand our product and services capability; grow our customer base vertically and enable us to accelerate our strategy for Europe whilst building strength in the UAE region.”




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