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Device Authority Limited

Device Authority provides simple, innovative solutions to address the challenges of securing the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Gartner, by 2020, around 25% of all identified security breaches will involve IoT. To address this, Device Authority introduces a new paradigm of IoT Security Automation that accelerates and simplifies the deployment of strong IoT security. It helps customers simplify the process of establishing robust, end-to-end security architecture within the IoT and deliver efficiencies at scale through security automation.

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FundamentalVR delivers VR haptic 'flight simulators' for surgery creating a safe, measurable & repeatable space to refine skills.

FundamentalVR's goal is to transform the way surgeons prepare, practice and refine their skills. It has built an immersive, surgical simulation application platform, Fundamental Surgery, to provide medical professionals with the opportunity to rehearse, practice and test themselves within a safe, controllable space that is as close to real life as possible.

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InVMA Limited

As a new breed of IoT systems integrator and a ThingWorx gold partner, InVMA works with clients to address and leverage the disruption IoT creates for businesses. The company designs, develops and deploys applications and hardware that improve or transform the way organisations do business, creating new revenue streams, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing operational efficiency. InVMA does this by combining world-class management consulting expertise with hardware, software, IT and OT technical capabilities.

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Wyld Networks

Wyld Networks is focused on solving connectivity issues in the IoT sector and its product suite includes a LoRA Wan product.  It has a majority holding in Wyld Technologies, mobile mesh networking solutions.

Currently the wireless Meter-Bus and LoRaWAN low power product suite is installed over 250,000 smart meters in Europe.  In particular, its unique and innovative TRIoT stack delivers 3-in-1 benefits for Smart Metering, Building Automation, Smart Home, Smart Lighting and other IoT applications.

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Push Technology Limited

Push Technology has developed a real time data distribution platform and operates across multiple sectors including e-gaming, financial services, media, transport and logistics.  Push Technology’s Diffusion™ software serves as a development platform to remove the complexity and associated challenges of developing for scale; coping with the explosion of data across networks; delivering a rich application experience and real-time conversational interactions. Diffusion gives developers the ability to create high performance, value driven, reliable web and mobile applications.

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