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Employee productivity 

In this guide we explore 10 things you should consider implementing across your organisation to increase employee efficiency; some very easy to action.

We include recommendations such as:

  • Reviewing the lighting
  • Reducing office noise
  • Addressing work station comfort
  • Adding plants to the workplace environment
  • Investing in a ping pong table

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About the author

Al Sisto

Chief Executive Officer

Al’s an IT industry veteran with more than 25 years senior executive level experience. As Chief Operating Officer at RSA Data Security Inc., the leading security software company, he led its transformation from a passive patent licensing operation to an aggressive, sales oriented software company. At RSA he negotiated partnership agreements with IBM, Intel, Compaq, Cisco and Nortel. Al was Chairman, President and CEO of Phoenix Technologies Ltd, the global BIOS software company. He revitalised Phoenix through the acquisition of Internet appliance business, Ravisent Technologies; investing in semiconductor and microprocessor designer Transmeta and spinning off Silicon Corporation.