The IoT is delivering positive economic and social impacts

Tern PLC is an ambitious company primarily focused on supporting the growth of businesses in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Much of the media attention for IoT has been focused on the commercial benefits of both consumer and business applications, even though the foundations of IoT also enables technology to deliver positive economic, social and climate impacts that help transform our societies for the better.

With a focus on IoT, our portfolio companies will continue to address some of the world's biggest challenges by contributing to a healthier, more environmentally friendly and energy efficient society.  ESG is a consideration that combines our objectives of outperformance of market-rate financial returns with delivering positive social and environmental outcomes that maintain exemplary good governance practices.

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What are we doing?

Our consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance factors when choosing companies to support

At Tern PLC, environmental, social and governance factors are integrated into our decision-making process when considering the companies we want to work with, and we remain committed to this policy throughout the relationship lifecycle, from the initial stages through to exit.

We use a range of methods to screen, appraise and monitor the decisions we make which are aligned to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

We are also actively engaging with the companies we back on ESG issues. In October 2021 we ran a  Diversity and Inclusion workshop for our CEOs.


We are committed to incorporating ESG into our own operations 


Tern PLC’s investment model seeks to have a positive impact on the environment. And as a company we strive to reduce our carbon footprint.


As an organisation we promote a culture that is fair, transparent and inclusive.   We manage our business and stakeholders interactions in a socially responsible way whilst contributing to the communities in which we operate. 


Tern PLC, its directors and employees operate in an honest, ethical and socially responsible manner.

The Board has adopted the Corporate Governance Code 2018 published by the Quoted Company Alliance (“QCA”), the detail of our compliance can be found here.