What’s Trivergence and what’s its relationship to IoT

Al Sisto

Blog by: Al Sisto - 14 / Jan / 2022

On the fringes of tech content, we’ve seen talk of trivergence and how these 3 core technologies are combining to make waves in the next-generation internet landscape. But what’s trivergence and what’s its relationship to IoT, AI and the blockchain? We’ll explore in this three minute read.

What does trivergence mean?

Trivergence refers to the combination of the internet of things (IoT), the blockchain and artificial intelligence. It refers to a state where all these tech elements are working together to provide a more secure and accessible future. Take healthcare for example. Currently systems are based on central servers so they can be hacked, and they are - frequently. We often here about our health records being accessed illegally or held for ransom. There are two types of these servers—those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.

With blockchain you can have appropriate transparency where you, as a user, get to decide who you're going to reveal what to as part of a self-sovereign health record.

In the trivergence, blockchain provides the security, keep things transparent and audit the information, artificial intelligence provides the decision-making element along with automation and improved functionality whilst IoT provides the data input and measurement for more robust user experiences and business processes across all sectors. This combination is already being tested out by German car manufacturer Porsche, which believes this process could create a new generation of autonomous vehicles.

What is IoT’s contribution to trivergence?

Coin Telegraph reports that the Internet of Things describes the growing connectivity of everyday objects and the physical world to the internet. The proliferation of wireless sensors and smart devices is giving rise to a seamless computational network that connects every living being and inanimate object on the planet into a global Internet of Everything. Today’s IoT applications range from the mundane — such as your fridge ordering milk from Amazon — to the lifesaving, like internet-connected glucose monitors that remind diabetes patients to take their insulin, all while permitting medical professionals to monitor their condition in real-time. IoT provides the data input that fuels and is supported by blockchain and AI.

What will the trivergence enable?

When all three technologies are combined a powerful, almost alchemical effect results. Organisations can safely interconnect like never before to exchange decentralised information that only comes into focus with the help of AI and blockchain-enabled security. We’ll make better decisions and take more control of our privacy while tapping into the real-time efficiencies of IoT for preventive and responsive action. Obviously, we’ll need some governance in place but - with decentralised data sources over the blockchain - less than ever before. When all these technologies are used at once, the results are secure, data-rich international interactions that weren’t possible even a few years ago. Trivergence has the potential to transform operations across multiple sectors including banking, finance, healthcare, lifestyle, government, social media and more.

Get ready for the trivergence that will shake up the world we know it.



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