Tern PLC announces board members, Sarah Payne, and Matthew Scherba to join the Safe Circles Hackathon as Lead Mentors

Al Sisto

Blog by: Al Sisto - 31 / Aug / 2021

Tern PLC is delighted to announce that Sarah Payne, Chief Financial Officer and Matthew Scherba, Investment Director are joining the Safe Circles Hackathon as Lead Mentors.

With their impressive track records in C-level positions as well as being current board members of IoT investment house, Tern PLC, Sarah Payne, and Matthew Scherba are joining the Safe Circles Hackathon as Lead Mentors fulfilling the CEO/investment role within the Hackathon team.

Safe Circles is bringing the Tech community together to develop new ideas for launching and incubating tech products and services to aid women’s safety. A two-week hackathon in September 2021 has been designed to enable real tangible solutions to come to life covering software, hardware or service based products. It will foster idea creation, innovation, prototyping, feasibility, accelerated product development and future road mapping for sustained success.

“Safe Circles recognises that we lack a unified solution to the risk women face on a daily basis. We have the opportunity for the tech industry to come together and address these challenges. Safe Circles welcomes technical, scientific, and social solutions to women’s safety issues. We’re delighted to have on board seasoned business leaders like Sarah Payne, Chief Financial Officer, and Matthew Scherba, Investment Director at Tern PLC,” comments Lorena Szerman, founder of the Safe Circles.

Lead Mentors will commit to supporting a team during the two-week programme and guide them through the process including:

  • Listen: Communicate within a collaborative medium for the team members to build relationships and exchange ideas
  • Share Knowledge: Provide insight, best practice and clarify areas that the teams might not understand
  • Collaborate: Work with other experts inside and outside the Hackathon community to support the team with additional resources where required
  • Guide: Mentors play an important part in helping the project team differentiate between facts and opinion
  • Challenge: Mentors have an important role in constructively challenging the team

Tern continuously looks for opportunities to support local initiatives and foster entrepreneurial spirit. When we were approached by Safe Circles, we jumped at the opportunity to contribute to such an important cause, women’s safety. Though a significant investment in our time over the two-week hackathon and beyond, I am excited to see the innovations produced with so many highly talented and respected specialists coming together,” says Matthew Scherba, Investment Director, Tern PLC.




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