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Presentation: Tern PLC Annual General Meeting 

This presentation covers highlights of Tern's performance in the year ending 2016. It includes:

  • 2016 highlights
  • IoT market overview
  • Recent activity


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Tern to exhibit at UK Investor Show on 1st April  

UK Investor is recognised as the UK’s top one day event for those serious about making money from shares. Come and visit Tern at stand 56 to discuss your next investment opportunity.

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Insight Guide: Becoming a better business leader

Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and they certainly aren’t limited to a particular industry or to Fortune 500 companies. In this guide find out what makes a good leader and how you can become a better one. 


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Insight Guide:
Building the right employer brand

In this guide find out how to build the right employer brand to ensure you attract and retain the right talent to build an effective, engaged workforce.



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Business Plan Series Part 1: How to write a business plan

In this guide discover what you need to do before you start writing your business plan – the questions you need to ask and the information you need to gather.


Writing your business plan _2.jpg

Business Plan Series Part 2: Writing a business plan

This guide covers the business plan writing process itself. We discuss what your writing style should be like and what key materials you should make sure you include.


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Business Plan Series Part 3: Once it's complete

This guide looks at the third stage in the business planning process – what to do with your business plan document once it’s complete including who to share the plan with and perfecting your pitch.


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Investment Focus: Device Authority

Device Authority introduces a new paradigm of IoT Security. It helps customers simplify the process of establishing robust, end-to-end security architecture within the IoT and deliver efficiencies at scale through security automation.


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Investment Focus: flexiOPS

Formed in 2010, flexiOPS is one of Scotland’s most successful providers of innovative infrastructure and software technology solutions within the European Commission funded FP7 and Horizon 2020 research programmes.


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Investment Focus: Push Technology

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in London, Push Technology, a provider of enterprise messaging and Internet communication solutions, is leading the market in the delivery of real-time push engine solutions.


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Investment Focus:
Seal Software

Seal Software enables companies to effectively manage their contract portfolio by understanding exactly where their contracts are and what is buried within them, in order to maximise revenue opportunities, mitigate risk, and reduce expenses.


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